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If you have found this site then you must be a dedicated urban gardener like myself or you are just beginning to explore the possibilities of what edibles you might be able produce in your own yard. In either case I will be able to assist you in producing a bounty of fruits, vegetables and herbs right on your own property. I have been producing and maintaining an edible garden for over 30 years here on the San Francisco Peninsula. Have a look under the Services tab and you can see by month what my wife and I are currently producing from our 6500 sq.ft. lot in Redwood City.

Winter Garden Tasks
Many people think that the winter season is a slow time in the garden as the cool weather and frost settle in. In fact there are many tasks that should be completed during the ‘dormant’ season.

Fall Vegetable Garden
If you have a fall vegetable garden in you will need to continue to water until we start getting some rain. Remove fallen leaves and debris from the garden to avoid creating spots for disease carrying insects and pests. Also this will avoid any build up of spots where mildew and mold can get started. Enjoy your fall produce of greens, snow peas, fava beans, kale, spinach, etc.

Winter Pruning Projects
This is the main season to do all of your pruning in your garden. During the dormant season most all fruit trees should be pruned to take off dead, diseased and dying branches along with crossing limbs and often times thinning the canopy to let more light in for fruit production. Any fruiting vines and bushes (grapes, kiwis, blackberries, pineapple guava, blueberries, etc) should be pruned and thinned out to insure they are ready for spring growing season.

Winter Planting
January/February will be the time to plant any bare root fruit trees. The trees will be in the local nurseries right after Christmas. In this climate the options are huge; apple, pear, peach, nectarine, cherry, apricots, etc. If you have a small space or a fence area you should consider an espalier tree.

If you need any help to do some of your winter garden projects or would like to be trained at your house on your plants and trees please let me know. I can help you create a productive, healthy and attractive edible garden. I provide a free estimate for any work that I do!

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season this year.

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