Tom's Edible Gardens

Specializing in year-round gardens.


“Tom provides expert support at the Redwood City Senior Center garden.  His knowledge of pruning, planting, and maintaining of plants is essential to the well-being of the various trees and vegetables at the garden. Because of Tom, the Senior Center has a garden it can be proud of.”

Pat M.
Veteran’s Memorial Senior Center Garden Manager

“Tom Cronin is a dedicated and skilled gardener who has made a huge impact on the Taft School garden.  His knowledge and time with garden maintenance as well as support with garden planning have been extremely beneficial to the vegetable garden.  His pruning expertise has also helped our apricot tree produce a bounty of fruit each year.  It’s clear that Tom keeps in mind the aesthetic of the space as well as the health and production of fruits and vegetables. He’s also incredibly nice and very easy to work with.”

Dan R.
Taft School Garden Specialist

“Tom’s passion for the environment, dedication to the community and calm, effective management style has been a huge asset to CityTrees as we’ve marshaled volunteers and grants to plant 2,700 trees Redwood City. He is the ideal person to provide homeowners the professional, personalized guidance to assure that their edible gardens are a success and a joy.”

Jack S.
Founder and Board Member CityTrees

“Tom has been pruning our fruiting trees for several years now. These include espalier apple trees, a fig tree, an apricot tree and several citrus trees. I’ve been really impressed by his skill in shaping these trees so they are extremely productive and balanced aesthetically. He’s always great about contacting us about when it’s the right season to prune the various trees. We’ve been literally enjoying the fruits of his labors!

Recently, we asked Tom to help us plant our winter beds. Even though we love gardening, we find that we often have a hard time carving out the time to get the beds planted. The end result is that we have empty beds which could be providing us with lots of fresh produce. Tom tested the nitrogen levels of our beds, added organic amendments to those that needed them. I’m delighted that all of our beds are now fully planted with a wide variety of winter veggies! Finally, on a personal level, Tom is just a pleasure to work with. He always has a smile on his face and has a very easy-going manner. I really enjoy my time talking with him over the garden plans. I would highly recommend Tom for anyone who would love to have a thriving edible garden.”

Emily F.
Redwood City gardener and homeowner